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October 21, 2018

October 11, 2018

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“City government should be small enough to leave you alone,

but large enough to be there when you need it.”


Disorderly Growth

I have lived in the North Valleys for 35 years. Much of Reno’s current growth has been anticipated for decades. What has changed to create the high level of discontent, especially in the North Valleys? It’s what I call “disorderly growth.” It is growth that changes the outcomes from what was promised. Commercial land has been converted to residential. Low density plans have been converted into high density developments. My own subdivision has seen a 35% increase in density in the past two years from the original plans approved 13 years ago. Such increases drastically change the demands on water, sewer, and traffic. As an elected official for 12 years, I worked to establish reliable policies leading to an orderly, predictable growth process. We planned infrastructure to meet demands. As former Chairman of the RTC, I know how to get our transportation network ready for the future. It takes full-time dedication. As your City Council representative, I will be the full-time voice for Reno’s North Valleys neighborhoods.


Ward 4 is the Neglected Step-Child of Reno

Midtown is getting millions and millions of dollars for improvements. Meanwhile, the North Valleys region and Ward 4 is ignored. During the 2018 Reno Air Races, when thousands of visitors are in Ward 4, I drove down Stead Boulevard the gateway street to this national event. It was an embarrassment! Litter and weeds were seen up and down the street and even the “Welcome to Stead” sign was peeling and faded.  Our City parks and sports fields have been neglected. During my previous time in office, our community organized several neighborhood cleanups. We cleaned up TONS of garbage with volunteers who love our community. We need to make our community more inviting so that we can attract amenities such as restaurants, clothing stores and other services vitally needed in the North Valleys.


Strip Clubs

The recent newspaper articles on this issue did not accurately reflect my position which is – this is a property rights issue.  The incumbent has stated numerous times on the record that he wants the strip clubs moved to the Industrial areas of Ward 4. This would be a drastic change to the suburban nature of our North Valleys community. So again, I will stand strong on this as a property rights issue!


My Plan for the Future of Ward 4


So, what am I going to work on, if elected?

  1. I will be your VOICE on the Reno City Council!

  2. I will hold informal monthly meetings to listen to your ideas and concerns.

  3. I will continue my Ward 4 Recognition Program to promote local businesses.

  4. I will work to bring a greater Police presence to Ward 4.

  5. I will work to re-establish the Neighborhood Watch Program.

  6. I intend to work with Washoe County to use the underutilized community building at the Regional Park for a Senior Center. 

  7. I will work to restore a sense of community pride in Ward 4.

  8. I will work to get funding to help make our parks and sports fields safer and more useable for our families to enjoy!

  9. It’s my dream to use the North Valleys Regional Park with its central location as a “Civic Center concept” with opportunities for every resident whether it be concerts or movies in the park, sports activities for all ages, Senior Center, Food Truck nights, etc.  Let’s work together to see if we can make this happen for the future of Ward 4!

  10. I will work with the Reno City Council to make Reno a wonderful place to live, work and play - a place we all call HOME!

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